Solving For Freedom: How to escape your “prison business and build a life you’ll love

How to escape your “prison business and build a life you’ll love

The biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs making today…

Especially coaches, consultants and experts…

Is that they focus too much on income and not enough on quality of life.

That was certainly the case for me. And it took a long time for me to admit to myself that I am much more of a creative than I am an entrepreneur in the traditional sense.

Let me explain…

My first business was an education company that taught currency traders how to manage their own investments.

I started that business because I loved trading and thought I could do a better job getting results for aspiring traders than any of the other teachers I saw.

I loved:

  • Creating courses
  • Coming up with marketing ideas
  • Producing funny videos that showed off my personality…

Basically anything creative.

What I hated:

  • Managing employees
  • Going over revenue projections
  • Bookkeeping & accounting

Pretty much anything that had to do with running a business.

I solved for this problem by hiring a bunch of people who didn’t require much hand-holding. That allowed me to forget about “business stuff” and focus on creating.

It was great for a while. Then one day I woke up and realized I had $600,000 a year in overhead.

Imagine needing to make $600,000 a year before you could put one penny into your pocket.

But it doesn’t stop there.

I also have 12 employees, all with families relying on me for a paycheck so they can eat.

That meant spending more time on the things I hated and less time on the creative work I wanted to do.

My company was making millions, but I was miserable.

I had built a “Prison Business”. A successful company that paid me well but didn’t provide me the freedom to enjoy my life.

I had a great lifestyle (nice cars, big house, a wallet full of cash)

But my quality of life was sh*t.

Fast forward to today…

I have a business that:

  • Provides me a great income
  • Has zero employees
  • Allows me to spend all day creating stuff my clients love
  • Gives me the freedom to travel, spend time with my family and explore new interests

If you want to see exactly how I structure my business to do this then you’re in luck…

I recorded a full breakdown that explains everything in detail.

You can watch it for free here

After you’re done, if you’d like some help with your business we can hop on a call to discuss.



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