The 2010s: The Decade the World Got Rich

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The last episode of the decade!

The 2010s were years of massive transformation across the world. Entire industries sprang up overnight. Technological advancement is accelerating exponentially. Global poverty is plummeting. Wealth is exploding.

The world we live in today is objectively better off than the world in 2010.

But if you listen to the media, it sounds like everything is bad and getting worse. Especially here in America.

It used to take generations to build the type of wealth you can now create overnight. And automation & AI on the horizon will only make it easier.

First, though, you have to change your mindset. You have to recognize your potential and stop listening to politicians & media personalities who want to see you discouraged & dependent.

They’re telling you things are bad. I’m here to tell you everything is great, and it’s just getting greater–for everyone!



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