The Big Problem with the Coaching Industry Isn’t the Coaches…It’s the Clients

The Big Problem with the Coaching Industry Isn’t the Coaches...It’s the Clients

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Michael Jordan is hands down the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. His personal trainer for most of his career was a man named Tim Grover.

Tim wrote a book called “Relentless”. I’ve read the book 4 times. The only book I’ve read more than Relentless is “The 48 Laws of Power”. Which I’ve read more times than I can remember.

In that book, he talks about Michael’s unmatched work ethic. According to Tim, he has never met anyone like him – before or since.

But Tim also talks about many other professional basketball players who had the potential to be as good as Michael but lacked the drive, ambition and commitment to be the best.

Michael sacrificed everything to be number 1. That, in part, is why he was.

If you’re a coach or consultant you know the biggest problem with clients is that they don’t listen.

You tell them what to do…

You show them exactly how to do it…

And then they do nothing.

For some reason they think they can absorb the skill you are teaching by listening.

They confuse Activity with Accomplishment. (more on that in a minute)

The legendary copywriter, Gary Halbert was fond of saying…

“More answers will be found through movement than will ever be found through mediation.”

If you want to be great at anything you have to do that thing daily.

Not thinking about it…not seek out information on it…

You must do it.

The internet has revolutionized the education industry.

Gone are the days of sitting in a college classroom – learning outdated information from a professor who hasn’t done the work in decades.

Today if you want to learn marketing, for example, you can go straight to the source.

You can take a course or be mentored by someone who is actively engaged in the type of marketing they are teaching.

The cost of that education has also fallen.

From tens of thousands to hundreds of dollars in some cases.

What hasn’t changed is human nature.

People still confuse activity with accomplishment.

They confuse buying the course with finishing the course.

They confuse finishing the course with implementing what they’ve learned.

They confuse implementing what they learn with analyzing the results and improving.

Each step requires a greater degree of commitment and work.

Most people don’t want to do the work.

You can look at this in one of two ways. First you can lament this truth and try to ‘adapt’ your coaching to account for this laziness.

You can stay up all night worrying about your clients getting results. Trying to dream up ways to convince your clients to do the work – all the while blaming yourself that they aren’t.

Or you can recognize that most people will fail no matter what you do. Because most people will do nothing.

And that’s not your fault.

I believe I have the best business coaching programs on earth.

No one offers better resources or personalized advice than I do. And I offer it at a price that is within reach of anyone who’s serious.

But…and pay close attention to this…

I am not losing an ounce of sleep because my clients don’t use those resources to get results.

Tim Glover knew he couldn’t work with a lazy athlete. No matter how talented they are.

And You can’t help a client who won’t do the work. No matter how much money they give you.

Instead, focus all your attention on the clients who are showing up, doing the work and looking for your expertise.

That’s the way I’ve always done it. And the clients I do work with are very happy with the results.


P.S. I am considering taking on 2 clients to manage their email marketing.

As my business continues to evolve I’ve found I gravitate toward writing more and more these days. I’d like to do more of it.

So if you’d like to discuss working together please reply to this email and I’ll send you a calendar link.

No tire-kickers please. A service like this costs thousands. But for the right person, it’s worth 10 times your investment. If you think you’re that person then I’d love to talk.

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