The Cardinal Sin of Email Marketing

Story time…

It was 2010 and I hadn’t made any money in almost 3 months.

I had spent the last two months buying every lead I could from a digital magazine…

And now my savings was gone.

I had no idea if the leads were any good. I just kept sending them a weekly video I recorded about the currency markets. (My business at the time.)

I had close to 10,000 email subscribers. Which sounds like a lot…

But remember I had no idea if those subscribers were any good.

What I did know was that I needed cash.

So I threw together a quick offer.

I don’t even remember what the offer was but I remember the result like it was yesterday.

I sent 3 emails and brought in $102,083.

The exact number is seared into my brain because I kept repeating it over and over again.

I thought, “I have a printing press. All I have to do when I need money is to send an email. How is that possible?”

Well, I was half right.

You can make money by sending emails.

But not if you treat your subscribers like an ATM.

It’s the cardinal rule of email marketing…

If you break it you’ll destroy your business and your credibility along with it.

Here’s the rule…

Never forget there is a person on the other side of that email you’re sending.

A person who’s given you permission to interrupt their lives in one of the last personal digital spaces on the internet.

If you choose to treat them like a printing press you’ll lose them forever.

So how do you do it?

How do you constantly make offers to generate cash for your business…

While keeping your list happy and healthy?

Easy. I’m doing it to you right now.

This email is a promotion for my Email Income Crash Course happening this Sunday from 9 AM – 12 PM Pacific.

Most marketers would just send you a barrage of emails telling you the ‘BUY NOW before it’s too late’.

Not me. I wouldn’t do that to you.

Instead of telling you all the reasons you should attend…

I decided I would show you what you’ll be learning.

This email uses a combination of 2 techniques I’m going to teach you at the workshop.

Techniques that will have your subscribers anxiously awaiting your emails and consuming them like a starved hyena on the Serengeti

And you can be 100% confident it will work for you…

Because it’s working ON you right now. 🙂

At the workshop I’ll show you:

  • The best places to find leads…
  • How to convert them to subscribers…
  • How to write personality-driven emails like I do…
  • 8 techniques to ensure your subscribers read every email you send…
  • How to come up with endless ideas to write about…
  • When to promote vs. when to build relationships…
  • How to make maximum money when you do promote…

It’s going to be one hell of a workshop.

And if you can attend live for any reason…

I’ve got you covered.

Everyone who buys a ticket will get a copy of the recording to keep forever…

So you can go back over it again and again.

Click here to attend.


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