The CHAZ Is True Anarchy

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It’s not every day that we get to see certain libertarian principles tried out in the real world.

One side says “libertarianism would never work!” while the other side claims, “no one has ever tried real libertarianism!”

Now, we’ll grant that most libertarians wouldn’t choose to handle things the way the people in the CHAZ/CHOP have thus far. Let’s just say that the people there are far from fans of Murray Rothbard.

But we can still learn a lot from what’s happening in Capitol Hill in Seattle.

First of all, any attempt at overthrowing the existing system won’t be peaceful. There will be no market-based utopia coming soon to a city near you! No matter what your intentions, any location that advertises itself as a no-cops zone will always attract people who love violence and chaos.

But the other thing we can learn is that even supposedly revolutionary movements like Antifa still represent the interests of people who are already wealthy and powerful. Only wealthy powerful people can start and fund any movement that effects lasting change.

So if you want to change the world, it’s gonna start with changing your own life.


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