The Great AI Con Has Started

The Great AI Con Has Started

We knew this was coming…

Using a small sample size, artificial intelligence will now allow you to impersonate anyone.

And for all the talk about protecting the public, nothing is going to stop the scammers from doing it.

Here’s an example I found yesterday.

No, this is NOT a video from Joe Rogan. But the original version did have the fake voice of Graham Hancock who’s been on his show many times.

Instead, it’s an AI-generated video that makes no sense when you watch it.

The creator didn’t even bother editing the AI text-to-speech used to create the video.

The entire thing is a lie…but it’s working.

When I watched the video yesterday it had 148 views.

As I write to you today, it has 1,100 +.

I’ve often said, “We’re living through the greatest period in human history” and we are.

But while we’re more connected than ever, we’re still starving for human connection.

We can no longer trust what we see or hear online.

There was a time when we could say, “Until i hear it and see it with my own eyes, I don’t trust it.”

Those days are gone.

Moving forward you’ll have to question, not just what you’ve been told, but what you see and hear for yourself.

And the people you want to influence will have to do the same.

Building authority, credibility and trust will be harder than ever…

And there will be two types of people who emerge from this new reality.

The first will be those who use AI as a cheap way to create mountains of valueless content at scale.

Mechanical, soulless content devoid of life, lacking any shred of truth or honesty.

The second type of people will be those who choose substance over quantity. Those who will seek to deliver the kind of deep human connection their audience is searching for.

You can choose either path but only one will create the kind of life and business you want.

The choice is yours,


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