Why Sudo-Experts Have Become a Scourge on The Internet


Gurus loooove to overcomplicate things.

There’s a lot of money in taking something simple and making it confusing.

Think about it…

If you can learn a skill in 3 hours for 200 bucks – why would you pay $1,000 for an 8-week course?

No sane person would.

So the guru needs to complicate the process.

Take email marketing for example…

I make 100% of my income from email marketing.

I don’t use any fancy funnels…

No 8-week ‘nurture sequences’…

No launch calendars with 16 emails…

I just write one email a day using what I call personality-driven copy.

It’s simple to learn and implement…and I can teach it to anyone in a few hours.

Plus you can start profiting from it immediately…

even with a small list of just a few dozen people.

Knowing this, why would you invest thousands of dollars on a multi-week course created by some sudo-expert designed to confuse the hell out of you?

Who does that? I’ll tell you who…

Unproductive people.

People who confuse ACTIVITY with ACCOMPLISHMENT.

You know the people I’m talking about…

The ones who confuse “stuff” with “value”.

People who think 800 hours of video training is worth more than a 3 hour intensive workshop.

If you think that way you don’t value your time.

Which means you have no self-respect.

I would gladly pay 10X the money to learn a skill in 3 hours vs. 800 hours.

But I’m not like most people…

Are you?

This Sunday I’m holding a LIVE workshop where you’ll learn my exact email marketing system.

A system that has consistently made me between $20-$40k a month for the past 10 years.

The training is divided into 3 parts:

In the first hour I’ll show you how to write personality-driven emails that your subscribers will love to read…

You’ll be able to email them DAILY, even multiple times a day…

While building goodwill and trust with your readers.

In the second hour you’ll learn my strategy for coming up with an endless supply of ideas so you never struggle with writers block.

You’ll learn the 4 types of emails I use that allow me to make offers in every email…

Without sounding pitchy or sleazy.

Then in hour 3 you’ll discover the best strategies to grow your email list.

And no, I’m not talking about social media.

I’m calling the training…

Email Income Crash Course: How to write personality-driven emails for maximum influence and maximum profit.

Click this link to attend.

This is the best training on email marketing you’ll ever see.

Not because it’s packed with hours of content…

But because it does what every marketing course should do…

Teach you the skill as quickly as possible so you can start using it to make money.

Talk soon,


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