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America is going full funny farm now.

L’Oreal has vowed to remove all forms of “whitening” from their skin products, because that will apparently end racism.

Mike Henry, a middle-aged white guy, stepped down from voicing a black character on the TV show Family Guy. The Simpsons finally declared that white actors will only voice their white characters. (Aren’t ALL Simpsons characters non-white?) And other white actors are apologizing for voicing non-white characters.

If this all sounds super racist to you, you aren’t alone.

What started as protests against police brutality has morphed into something completely insane. And it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

However, we did see a new development last night. Another mob of “peaceful protestors” broke into a private gated community in St Louis. They didn’t expect to run into two wealthy armed lawyers (married lawyers, at that!), but that’s exactly who confronted them.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, owners of the first home along the mob’s path into the community, stood barefoot on their porch armed with a rifle and a pistol, and demanded that the protestors continue on their way. It’s an image that will likely end up as one of the most iconic shots of 2020.

If only all of this foolishness was the extent of the news.

Unfortunately, no one is talking about the financial crisis rapidly bearing down on us.



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