The (Not So) Dark Art of Subconscious Selling

Hello again my friend,

Ever wondered why some people pay triple for a VIP ticket to a seminar?

Or why 60-year-old men buy sports cars?

It’s not for the reasons you think.

Today we’re going to explore the mysteries of human buying behavior as I teach you the dark art of mind-control selling.

HA! Not really (but that sounds super cool).

What I really want to do is teach you an influence principle that will make selling your product or service a whole lot easier.

It’s called Applied Behavior Analysis. But don’t freak out. That’s just the fancy name a bunch of PhDs in lab coats came up with.

What is ABS?

Applied Behavior Analysis or ABS for short, is a therapy used to help modify behavior in people with autism.

Now stick with me because this is the important part.

ABS teaches us we all have 4 triggers that cause us to take action. Here they are:

The 4 Action Triggers

  1. Access: We take action to get access to something or someone. (Pleasure or Desire.)
  2. Escape: This is the opposite of Access. We want to get away from someone or something. (Pain avoidance)
  3. Self-Stimulus: This isn’t just the first thing that jumped into your dirty little mind. It can be any feeling. Joy, sadness, excitement, love, relaxation…anything we do to induce a feeling.
  4. Attention: No detailed explanation is needed here. We take action to be seen, recognized for our accomplishments and valued as a person.

People don’t take action unless one of these four triggers is present. So let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

Example 1: Paying Triple at a Seminar to Be Part of the VIP Group.

If you’ve ever attended an event or seminar you know they always give you the option to buy an upgraded ticket. Some of them even have multiple upgrade options that provide different perks.

Those perks ignite one of the 4 action triggers people are craving.

  • A special badge you wear around your neck. (Attention)
  • A private dinner with the host. (Access)
  • Special seating in the event hall. (Attention)
  • VIP-only networking event. (Access)

Is it starting to make sense?

I don’t care what you sell, your prospects won’t take action unless your offer ignites one of the four action triggers.

Let’s look at another example…

Example 2: Men Who Buy Sports Cars in Their 60’s

The lazy answer is just to say, “They want to feel young again.” or “They’re going through a midlife crisis.”

But when you list out a few of the reasons you see it’s all about the action triggers.

  • They want to feel young again. (Escape/Self-stimulus)
  • They want to be seen as successful. (Attention)
  • They want attention from younger women. (Attention/Access)
  • They want to feel better about themselves. (Self-stimulus)

How to Use the 4 Action Triggers to Make More Money

I spend a lot of time helping companies improve their offers and the marketing they use to promote them.

I charge a lot of money to do this because getting it right can mean millions of dollars in new revenue.

But I recognize many of my readers can’t afford my fees so here’s my advice…

When you write your offer, don’t just focus on the features and benefits. Make sure they can see how buying from you will ignite one of the 4 triggers.

Don’t just talk about how it saves them time and money. Ask them to imagine how good it will feel to be free from the stress and long hours they’re experiencing. (Escape)

Remind them that they’re not just buying a piece of art to hang on their wall. They’re signaling to everyone who walks into their home or office that they are someone of status and culture (Attention)

While you’re showing off all the bells and whistles of the latest model of speedboat, paint your prospect a picture of how amazing it will feel cruising across the ocean, wind in your hair, smelling the salty sea air as dolphins flank you on both sides. (Self-stimulus/escape)

That’s the secret sauce. That’s why people buy.

To be continued…


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