The Power of Routine: Finding Your Inner Drill Sergeant

It’s been difficult to find something to write about this morning.

The clock reads 3:07am and I’ve been up for half an hour already.

I’m not sure why but some days my mind flips on like a light switch and won’t shut back off.

On days like today all I can do is get up and start my routine. So I guess we can talk about that.

Routine is Everything

Most people are undisciplined by nature. If you need evidence look at former military men.

When i was in the service I was part of a unit called Force Reconnaissance. It’s like the Navy Seals for the Marine Corps.

Guys in my unit are extreamly fit. Yet when most get out of the service they stop working out and put on 20 pounds.

It’s not the military that gave them discipline. What it gave them was routine.

The routine creates structure. Structure reduces stress and allows you to get more done.

It doesn’t matter what time I wake up. My routine is always the same. I drink a full glass of water while I make a pot of coffee.

After that I sit down and do a bit of journaling. Then it’s out for my morning walk.

My walk is a form of meditation. It sets my mind on the tasks for the day and it’s where I find my inspiration for these letters to you.

After my walk (30 minutes to an hour) I grab another cup of coffee and sit down to write.

Writing usually takes me around 30 minutes but I set my drop dead time for an hour.

That’s how it goes for me, every morning.

If you’d like to see a detailed breakdown of my day I’ve done a full documentary here.

You Need to be Your Own Drill Sergeant

As entrepreneurs we have to be our own accountability partner. Far too many people start businesses because they want “freedom”. They don’t want a boss telling them what to do.

But without someone holding them accountable they don’t know what to do.

No boss to look at his watch when you come in 20 minutes late. No deadline for you to meet. It’s easy to get lazy.

If you find it hard to be self-motivated join the club. That doesn’t make you ill suited for the business of entrepreneurship. It means you need to institute a little routine into your life.

What routines and habits do you enforce in your life? Hit reply to this email and tell me.

And make sure you watch the video documenting my daily routine. You’ll find quite a few ideas you can add to your life starting today.

Talk soon,


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