There is a Reckoning Coming

There is a Reckoning Coming

I have been thinking a lot about the economic and cultural transition we’re experiencing today.

It’s impossible to separate politics and culture from innovation when discussing something this big because they all play a role in shaping our future.

One thing I am certain of is that we are not prepared for the reckoning that’s coming.

Here are just a few of the things we face in the next 10 years:

  • The loss of the US Dollar’s reserve currency status

  • A ballooning national debt and deficit

  • High Inflation (perhaps hyperinflation)

  • An increasingly totalitarian government

  • The high likelihood of a third world war

  • A massive loss of jobs at every level due to artificial intelligence

  • The continued loss of our collective experience due to algorithms that feed us a steady stream of highly curated content designed to reinforce what we believe while fostering division between anyone with a competing point of view.z

  • A breakdown in trust caused by deep fakes, voice replication software and machine-generated content passed off as original ideas from reputable sources.

We’re already seeing it…

Liars, phonies, political propagandists, sociopathic marketers, crony capitalists, and professional bullshit artists are everywhere.

They dominate the airways and conversation on every topic with zero accountability.

Trust is collapsing. Lines are being drawn and people are taking sides.

None of it is good.

Yesterday I shared a little about my childhood…

About growing up in an analog world, without the internet or cell phones.

The amount of change we’ve experienced since 1985 is hard to process…

But I believe it’s nothing compared to the changes that are happening today.

So I would like to take some time over the next few letters to discuss my thoughts on our changing world and what you should be doing now to ensure you thrive during the transition.


Any time we are making decisions it’s important to understand the hierarchy of thinking that needs to happen.

Four elements need to be considered (in the proper order) to determine what action to take.

They are:

Philosophy: The unique perspective about the world that shapes our beliefs.

Principles: A personal “code of conduct” that guides our actions.

Strategies: A broad plan of action we use to accomplish our goals.

Tactics: The specific action we take to achieve those goals.

Strategies and tactics are constantly changing.

As markets, society or our opponents adapt, they become less and less effective.

But the philosophy and principles that guide our decisions are more constant. I’m not saying they never change, but they evolve much slower.

Let’s look at an extreme example from my libertarian friends…

If you ask a libertarian what they think about taxes they’ll respond by saying “Taxation is theft.”

The statement, “Taxation is theft”, is a philosophical belief.

One principle that emerges from that belief is a determination to pay as little in taxes as possible without going to jail.

A strategy for accomplishing this might be creative estate planning.

And one tactic used to minimize your tax burden might be to establish residency outside the U.S.

The strategies and tactics can change constantly as the government opens and closes different loopholes in the tax code.

But the underlying philosophy and principles you hold about taxation may never change.

Too often we jump straight to the strategies and tactics without first clearly defining our philosophies and principles.

The very first thing I have my Leveraged Coach™ clients do when we start building their brand is to write out a Transformational Point of View (TPOV).

Your TPOV is a philosophical belief about the world and your place in it.

It clarifies in your mind what prism you’ll use to view the world through.

Any time you’re faced with a decision about what action to take you can return to your TPOV for clarity.

I believe that as the great transition continues, truth, trust and deep human connection will trade at a premium.

The more you try to shortcut your path to any of them, the more difficult things will become for you.

Don’t fall victim to the legion of people telling you to replace your unique voice with a poor man’s AI version of yourself.

That’s what the majority of people will do…

And if I’ve learned anything in my 45 years on this earth it’s to look at what 90% of people are doing…and do the opposite.

Until tomorrow,


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