Tim Ferriss: What Matters Most In Business

A few months ago Tim Ferriss was being interviewed by David Perell on his podcast “How I Write”.

The podcast is over an hour long but at the 21-minute mark Tim said something important that most of the audience missed.

It’s something so simple yet so profound that it will affect the success of every aspect of your life.

It’s something I mentioned to you in yesterday’s letter, although you likely overlooked its importance.

In that letter, I told you, “What you will be paid for, especially over time…more than your know-how, more than for your service or work, more than for your results…is your reputation.”

That’s not an idea I pulled out of my arse.

The most successful people in every industry know the power of reputation. Tim Ferriss is no different.

Here’s what he said in the interview:

“I have policies for all sorts of things in my life. And a lot of them are around this scarce resource, which is very easily destroyed called reputation. [Reputation] is going to become increasingly scarce and increasingly valuable.

I think reputation and credibility is the new gold.

…there is a finite amount of trust that any consumer…any person…can put into other people…and so they’re going to choose the people with the highest signal of credibility for them.”

Here’s that clip from the interview if you want to hear it from Tim yourself.

You don’t have to take my word for it. When it comes to reputation, the most successful people don’t leave theirs to chance…

And neither should you.

Unfortunately, most people do. They throw themselves into the public eye, whether online or in real life, without any concern for how they want to be received or who they want to attract.

When it comes to building an unassailable reputation…

The kind of reputation that positions you as an expert in your field…

And makes you a magnet to the kind of people who will become clients for life…

Everything you say and do matters.

Being deliberate about crafting your reputation doesn’t make you a phony.

Whether you like Tim Ferriss or not, he’s no phony. But he is very deliberate about how he shows up for his audience.

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