Trump Admits We Now Have a Mercenary Army

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One of Donald Trump’s most unique traits is the connection between his brain and his mouth. In other words, whatever enters his brain exits his mouth.

People think he makes the presidency look bad.

But I think it’s a good thing. Here’s why.

He occupies an office with a long history of blatant lies & propaganda. For years, we’ve listened to presidents obscure the truth. They certainly have great sales pitches as they appeal to our patriotism. But they’re lying all the same.

Generations of young Americans have died believing they were fighting for “freedom & democracy.” But really, they’re just fighting wars for oil rights and dying for the expansion of the American empire.

Now, we finally have a president who tells it like it is. I’m sure whomever is elected after him will get right back to the lies & propaganda.

So I’m going to enjoy hearing the truth while it lasts.


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