What a Jew Taught me About Finding Purpose


I find a lot of people struggle with purpose.

Why wouldn’t they? Why are any of us here? If you’re christian you’d say it’s because you’re being tested and if you make the right choices you’ll be granted access to a better afterlife.

Having grown up in the church I never questioned this version of reality but I never liked it much.

I never liked the idea of spending my entire life being tested and struggling to act in direct opposition to my nature.

Is that what life is supposed to be? Is our purpose here simply to survive?

Now please, don’t take offense. I have great respect for the christian faith and I know I’m oversimplifying the teaching of Jesus. I just couldn’t ever rationalize that explanation of our existence.

Then about 10 years ago I was handed a book written by Viktor E. Frankl.

Between 1942 -1945 Viktor labored in 4 different Nazi prison camps, including Auschwitz. His parents, brother and pregnant wife died in the camps along with most of his friends and prison mates.

When the war was over Viktor struggled with survivors guilt. He couldn’t understand why he survive while so many others did not.

He interviewed as many of the survivors as he could and what he learned shocked me to my core.

The one thing that set the survivors apart from everyone else was purpose.

But that’s not the big revelation.

Victor said, it didn’t matter what someone’s purpose was. Maybe it was to see a wife or child. Or maybe it was to play the piano again. Even if they simply found meaning in the grueling labor they did every day, as long as they found meaning and purpose in living, they stood a good chance of survival.

People spend their whole lives searching for meaning and purpose. What they don’t realize is it doesn’t matter what you choose to find purpose in.

According to Viktor, we cannot avoid suffering but we can choose how we cope with it, find meaning in it, and move forward with renewed purpose.

If you’re struggling to find meaning for your life, to rationalize the suffering you see in our world today, if you’re searching for a purpose, take hope.

We are the ones who give our lives purpose. Find your passion. Find a way to improve the world around you. Recognize that your problems are not unique. Everyone suffers. But that doesn’t mean we have to live without purpose.

As strange as it might seem to some. I find the greatest meaning in my life by helping others find financial success and time freedom. To me this is the greatest gift one can give.

What’s your purpose? Don’t go looking for it. Just ask yourself, “Why do I want to exist?”

Whatever the answer, embrace it and dedicate your life to it.

Talk soon,


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