Why Certifications Are a Joke

Hello again my friend,

Last night on our weekly coaching call we talked about the mindset.

More specifically we were discussing the idea of certifications. One of our members was thinking of taking a certification course because she thought it might give her some added credibility. 

But that’s not usually how it works.

Most certifications were created by 
someone brazen enough to believe 
they had the right to certify others

While certifications certainly won’t hurt, and acquiring new knowledge is rarely a bad thing, certifications are largely a waste of money. 

People don’t buy certifications, they buy people. The don’t buy brands they buy the feeling they get by being associated with the brand. 

Your reputation is far more valuable to you in terms of credibility than a certification ever could be. 

And that’s good news for us

Reputation is something we can control. We can decided what story we tell about our background. We can actively promote ourselves to highlight the best aspects of our past and present. 

If you struggle with this kind of self-promotion don’t feel bad. It’s a struggle for most of us. I know it’s a struggle for me. 

That’s why I’ve put together an amazing seminar this month to help you increase your confidence and give you the tactical knowledge to ensure you never miss an opportunity to tell your story. 

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But back to our conversation last night…

One of the questions I asked our group was,

Why can’t you be the one 
handing out certifications?

Most people have never considered starting their own certification program. They assume you have to get approval from someone first. Maybe take a test. But that’s rarely the case. 

In most industries certifications are handed out by the person confident enough to claim certifier status. 
Why can’t that be you? 

My point is not to convince you that you should get into the certification game. My point is that you could start one. It’s simply a matter of believing you could. 

That’s a mindset issue and all success starts in the mind. 

Certifications are great. But that’s not what people buy. They buy you, your reputation, your confidence and the stories you tell about yourself. 

You are already good enough. What you need is the confidence to tell that to the world. 

Talk soon,


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