Why You Should Email Your List Daily

email your list daily

If you ask your average “expert” how often you should email your list you’ll hear responses like…

“It depends on your business.”

“1-2 times a week is pretty standard”

“No more than once a week or you’ll burn your list out.”

You’ve no doubt heard the same thing. But it’s all nonsense.

Just because someone has a big list or a lot of followers on social media doesn’t mean they know the first thing about marketing.

If you want to know what works, look at the guys who have been making money exclusively from email marketing for the last 20 years.

The ones who aren’t on social media telling you how great they are.

Guys like Ben Settle. The man is a brilliant writer and marketer. He came up with a one sentence marketing strategy that works every time.

“Build a list and mail it frequently.”

The most influential marketers I know email their lists daily. Sometimes multiple times a day.

So here’s my pitch…

The 6 reasons you should email your list daily.

1. It makes you a better writer.

Writing helps you clarify your ideas. It makes you a better influencer and teacher. All the communication you’re going to do in your business starts with writing. The better writer you are the more money you will make. Period.

2. It allows people to get to know you.

Selling to someone cold is the hardest thing you’ll do. It’s why copywriting evolved as a profession.

But regardless of how good your copywriting skills are, you can get a 100X increase in your sales by simply making your offers to people who already know, like and trust you.

Building that relationship takes time. The longer and more frequent your communication, the faster the bond will form.

3. You get more feedback and content ideas.

It’s amazing what you can learn from your list when they trust you. The questions they ask, the stories they share…all of it gives you insight into what your audience wants.

4. It keeps you top of mind and positions you as the expert.

Most of your list won’t be ready to buy when you want them to. The goal is to be the first person they think of when they are ready.

They may go weeks or months without reading an email from you. But if they stay on your list they’re seeing your name hit their inbox every day. Gently reminding them that you’re ready when they are.

5. You’ll make more money.

I have never known a single person who’s made less money by emailing more often. I have personally found that the more offers I make to my list, the more money I make.

If you want to make more money, mail more frequently.

6. 60-70% of your sales come from your relationship with your audience NOT your sales page.

This is the dirty little secret every copywriter selling you their services won’t tell you. You can have the worst copy on the worst sales page and if your relationship with your list is strong you’ll make great money.

So focus on influence first, then persuasion. If you get the influence part right you won’t have to do much persuading.

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