Why your customers ‘passion index’ matters.

Why your customers 'passion index' matters.

Why would anyone sell insurance?

No offense to my readers who do. But why would you?

When was the last time you saw someone get excited about buying insurance?

When was the last time a guy ran into the bar and screamed…

“I just bought $500,000 in term life insurance! Drinks are on me!”

The answer is NEVER. Because buying insurance sucks.

So why, if you could sell anything, would you choose to sell insurance?

It’s one of the only products you pay for monthly while hoping you never have to use it.

Insurance has what I call a low ‘Passion Index’, meaning the people who buy it aren’t passionate about it.

Golf on the other hand has a sky-high passion index.

A golfer would cut off his right toe if you told him it would cut 2 strokes off his game.

He’ll spend $500 on golf balls that promise to add 20 yards to his drive…

And he’ll brag to all his buddies that he did it.

When it comes time for you to create your first product…

Or if you’re a copywriter looking for a product to promote…

Give yourself the best chance of success.

Pick the most passionate audience you can.

Solve the biggest pain or problem they have.

Sell new not improved.

Remember that people buy cures not preventions.

Don’t be faster, cheaper or better…be different.

If you do these things you’ll stand a great chance of making money…

Even if your marketing and copywriting skills aren’t great.

Never forget – if your market is passionate enough they’ll through rationality out the window and hand over their money willingly – and thank you for the opportunity to buy from you.



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