Yes, the Debt Does Matter

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We’ve got some great examples of what debt does to nations staring us in the face so why do so many people still push this false narrative that debt doesn’t matter?

The lasted wizard of smart I heard questioning the idea of paying down debt came from CNBC. Unfortunately, I don’t have the guys name because I would love to call him out on his ignorance but let’s just say there’s a large group of people in government and financing that seem to think we can print and borrow indefinitely and it won’t have an effect on our economy.

David Stockman wrote a great little piece over at we’re going to take a look at that illustrates just how much drag FED policy is having on our economy.

We’re also going to talk pipelines. It turns out the environmentalist activists have been out desecrating and polluting the very land they were trying to protect from dangerous polluters and desecrators. You just can’t make this stuff up.

It’s good to be back from my wet, cold Texas hog hunt. Thanks to all my recon brothers for the invite and warm reception.


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