You Think COVID Was Bad? Here’s What’s Next

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The hypocrisy of the corporate press reaches new heights every week.

First they were horrified that Americans dared go to the beach when states started ending lockdowns. We’re in a pandemic! How could anyone POSSIBLY think that it’s a good idea to spend time getting fresh air and sunshine?!

People dared to question their moral superiors in the media. They decided to protest the lockdowns, and the press treated them like dangerous criminals.

Then a white police officer murdered George Floyd.

And suddenly mass protests in the streets were a moral imperative of the highest order.

In fact, even so-called “public health experts” fell all over themselves to tell us–from their ivory towers–that white supremacy is SO DANGEROUS even the worst pandemic in recent history shouldn’t keep us inside.

Now, suddenly, COVID is on the rise again!

However, don’t worry. It’s not because of the tens of thousands of people rioting in the streets. Per the so-called experts, there’s “no evidence” the Black Lives Matter protests caused the spike in COVID cases.

Rather, it’s because of Trump rallies (which we’re also required to mock for their low attendance).

Do you get it yet? Every day, the corporate press is feeding you a crock of propagandistic bovine manure. If you don’t see it already, you’re probably a hopeless case.

Unfortunately, all of these double standards will actually cause real harm to people. Nobody knows who or what to trust.

And now we’re staring at a threat that completely dwarfs the COVID pandemic.



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